Deep sea diving is the exciting and thrilling act of going underwater and exploring the amazing marine world. In early days peoples generally like to dive in search for resources to make jewellery like pearls. According to some of the ancient documents we have found that the divers from early century used to take breath in water with the help of reed. It was very famous equipment used by people that time so that they can stay in water for long period of time and go in deep.

But in modern world of diving there is variety of marine accessories in Brisbane available for all types of divers to keep them safe and protected for long time as well as in deep water. Today, scuba diving becomes so popular among people of every age group and there is an estimate in which around 500,000 divers every year get certified in scuba diving courses.

The Different Types of Diving
There are so many kind of scuba diving but the most famous and popular types are described below:

Breath-hold diving: this is one of the most popular types of scuba diving which is practiced for sport as well as commercial purposes. As the name suggests, in this type of diving compressible air spaces of diver are compressed by the augmented water force throughout the dive and the time of diving is depends on individual’s strength for breath-hold.

Diving in a heavy-walled vessel: inner ambience at or close to sea level pressure can be sustained by Heavy-walled vessels and responsible to prevent the inhabitants from contiguous water pressure. These vessels are: 

The bathysphere: it is an unpowered empty steel ball which is generally inferior from the mother boat by steel rope

The bathyscape: a bathysphere having the buoyancy control in order that cable is not required for tumble and climb. 

The submarine: it has the potential to cover a long distance in any track under its own control. 

Diving with compressed air supplied from the surface: in this type of diving experience the diver is not capable of getting fresh air which is reserved on the surface and the diver get air through a long umbilical which moves towards in a regulator and mouthpiece carried by the diver. In case of more complicated systems the umbilical visit inside a dive outfit or some big covered area containing the diver.

Diving with packed in air or other gas combination that is passed by the diver: scuba has 2 most important types commonly known as open and closed circuit in which open circuit expels all finished air into the water and it the very famous mode which is mainly used by recreational diving and system of closed circuit blow out air is breathed again once carbon dioxide gets engrossed & oxygen gets added, mostly used earlier than open circuit is also available.