It is quite natural that we commit mistake as we are human being. For some people fishing is the favorite pastime or passion what they want to do when they are spending their holidays, it can be the most pleasant game for them. Sometimes it becomes very disappointed that they have to go home with nothing in their fishing bucket. But if you want to catch fishes and do not want to come home with empty hand then try to avoid some mistakes. Here is a list of some mistakes people often do.

While you are on your trip to fly fishing in BC rivers, it is important to choose the right hook for your fishing; otherwise you have to just stare at the running water and end up frustrated. Beginners of generally do this kind of mistakes as they think that every hook will works well and has same power to catch fish. You have to choose the proper hook for the fish you are going to catch because hook size are the thing which makes the difference. Check the hook that it is in working condition and are not old. Because if the hook is old, then it cannot catch fish the fish can break the hook easily and swim away.

You may be experienced and have confidence that you know everything about fishing, but it is not good. When you are going for fishing fly fishing in BC rivers, you are probably entering a new place and you may not know where to sit and where to wait for fishes, you will never know the places where the fishes are rich in numbers. A local guide can help you in this matter because they have knowledge about that place; they are the most helpful so seek their help, check this out. Never hesitate to hire a guide or just ask them about the best fishing area of that place where you are going for fishing. And you need to listen to their opinion carefully. And if once you will gather enough local knowledge about that place, then you are ready for your job. Do not miss opportunity to take advantage of it. Though you are experienced enough for fishing as this may be your passion and you are doing this for years even though you need help from the local guides for a better experience and find the best areas of fishing. Never leave any slack in your fishing line or the fish may escape or throw the hook. If you make your fishing line not tight, then you may end up catching no fish at the end of the day.