Hiring a boat and travelling to beaches that you have only dreamt of is indeed a perfect and an ultimate holiday experience. It is something very different from travelling on land. Right from cooking your meal or getting it cooked your way, diving in the clear blue water and enjoying the warm sun, the best scenic views, everything that a sailing vacation involves is truly splendid.

Fortunately, these days hiring a boat is never out of the budget. Also, you have plenty of options from a spacious motorboat to a catamaran hire in Whitsundays. However, the only question that ticks in minds of most travellers is what is preferable, either to sail by yourself or hire a skipper.

Well, this is completely up to your preference and level of experience. If you are qualified and confident enough to sail the foreign waters, considering self-sailing is not a bad idea. Nevertheless, if relaxing is the only aim of your vacation, then it is preferable, if you let a skipper do all the hard work.

Do you have a licence?

For renting a boat, you will need to have a boat licence. If you do not have one and still want to enjoy an amazing sailing holiday, all you will have to do is book a skipper. From wherever you are chartering a boat, the charter will surely offer you the choice of adding a skipper to your trip.

Apart from sailing the boat, the added benefit of having a skipper is that he knows all the good places and can take care of the vessel when you are on land. Also, if you are sailing by yourself, you have to learn everything about what kind of licence is accepted in that particular country and what are the marine rules followed.

Also, since the licence requirement varies from boat to boat, hiring a skipper will save you from all that hassle of going through necessary paper works.

Benefits of hiring a skipper:

You can have fun helping him sail, but the hard work is all his headache
Since the vessel is his responsibility, hiring a skipper may reduce your security deposit.
He can recommend you good places to see and shop

So, whether you are looking forward to a motorboat or a catamaran hire, in order to enjoy the perfect sailing vacation the best thing is to book a skipper. Be relaxed, be free and while you enjoy the warm sun and cool sea breeze, let the skipper take care of the vessel for you.