Just about everyone over a certain age has rented a vehicle of some sort but most people don’t know that they might have been able to rent the same car at a fraction of the cost. This is through a system known as car relocation. You can agree to help a company with car relocation from Brisbane to Sydney, or any other number of locations. The rental companies need to get their vehicle to the lot where it is required and you want to drive the vehicle, it’s one of those rare situations where you and the company you’re working with can both save a lot of money. In some cases this is an ideal setup but there are strengths and weaknesses of this method that you have to consider if you want to make the best possible decision. The biggest advantage of going this path is the cost. You can rent a nice camper or motorhome for practically nothing compared to what you’d have to pay normally. With relocation campervans in Australia the main thing you’re actually paying for is insurance, just as a common-sense risk mitigation move.  If you want to vacation as cheaply as possible going with a relocation is the way to go.On the other side of the spectrum the main drawback of using this method is the limited selection. Your options will be limited by the needs of the companies offering the relocation deal. If they only need to get vehicles from Brisbane to Sydney then you’d better want to take a car relocation from Brisbane to Sydney or else you have to wait for later or pay full price. This is why this option appeals mainly to people who are flexible when it comes to their travels, if you have a very specific date, destination and vehicle in mind then you might be better off paying the full price. You can probably see why some people find the limited and unpredictable options for relocations to be a drawback but there are also people who find even this to be appealing. It really depends on your outlook with regards to traveling. If you’re a strict, by-the-book traveler then it can be frustrating but if you’re someone who wants more spontaneity in their lives then camper relocations can be the best option for car relocation Melbourne to Adelaide. You can go online and use the listed choices to decide where you want to travel! Every decision you make involves certain trade offs. You can take the traditional travel routes and enjoy the ease of picking a destination and a vehicle and taking off. But that takes money, sometimes lots of money. For some people that’s a fine trade off, but if you are serious about traveling more and experiencing new things then you should look into camper relocations. Whether you have a destination in mind or you just want to find a new location to visit and experience you should look into the companies offering relocations in your area.